Fresh Pasta

We celebrated Christmas this year by purchasing a tabletop pasta extruder, or more delicately put, a pasta maker. Our new toy is churning out linguine, penne, shells, gemelli, rigatoni and fettuccine. Oh! What fun! What chef doesn’t love a brand new toy? It’s a thrill to be able to find the right equipment for the job; making fresh pasta. So in the process to create the final pasta dish, how important is it to have fresh pasta? Very. Fresh pasta is made with eggs and flour, and it’s light consistancy absords the flavor and ingredients of the sauce more willingly, elevating the dish.








The exact ratio of eggs, egg yolks and three different kinds of flour have been meticulously measured to produce a dough that delivers a sweet, silky bite. When the shape of the pasta is paired perfectly with the sauce, it’s a match made in heaven. For example, the veal of the bolognaise sauce tucks itself very comfortably inside the rigatoni. The pasta should capture and hold the flavor and ingredients of the sauce, otherwise all the wonderful flavor and ingredients gather on the bottom of your plate.

Starting with only the best flour available, we have refined the recipe down to a trifecta of flours that achieve the qualify of dough we want. The three different kinds of wheat flour have a specific purpose.

           The OO Flour * soft and powdery, giving the pasta it’s silk.

The Durhum Flour * strong, providing the diversity in pasta shapes.

The Semolina Flour * pretty in yellow, soft with a sweet, nutty flavor

There are so many other shapes we’ll be adding to our repetoire. Until then, we hope you get what you want for Christmas too!













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