Our Five Distinctive Teas


Our 5 distinctive teas, with their beautiful colors and textures, offer a wide range of wonderful flavors. The folks at Fazenda, our local supplier for tea and coffee, have a mission to “ethically and sustainably” source their products. That works out perfect, as a hot cup will sustain you well. Here are the options. Above, from left to right, we have the Blue Flower Earl Grey, a black tea with pretty bright blue cornflowers and a citrusy bergamot. Next over is the Dragonwell green tea which has a nice sweet and nutty flavor. In the middle is the classic English Breakfast. Can’t go wrong. Last are the Spiced Chai and Vanilla Rooibos, which are both flavorful treats in the afternoon. All of the teas have a unique blend of ingredients that you can only fully appreciate when you see them dry, so when the aromas and flavors pour from your teapot, you know their origin, and that the Blue Flower Earl Grey is not just a fancy description. It actually has blue flowers.





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