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The Boston Public Market – First in the Nation

The¬†Boston Public Market is finally¬†open. This “year-round, self-sustaining market featuring fresh, locally sourced food” is the first in our nation, and it’s like an amusement park for us fresh folks. We would definitely wait in line for the walla walla

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Our Roasted Golden Beet Salad

Our roasted golden beet salad includes baby arugula, pistachios, gorgonzola vinaigrette, champagne orange reduction and a balsamic drizzle. It’s a mouthful, and delicious at that. Everything has a lovely taste on their own and they do not overwhelm each other

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Flour. Water. Yeast. Salt.

  Our fresh-baked bread is the life force behind the success of our business. We use only the best ingredients, fermented to perfection for the ultimate flavor, texture and crumb. Our bread dough has no additives, preservatives, or added sugar,

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True Colors

  Many times people ask us why our tomato sauce orange. There are two reasons. First, during the summer we use only local, award-winning heirloom tomatoes which come in a variety of colors from purples and reds, to yellows and

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